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ATN Corp (American Technology Network, Corp.)

ATN was founded in 1995 and has since become the leading Tech Optics company in the world. It both designs and develops 4K resolution digital smart optics for day and nighttime use and Smart Thermal Imaging optics for nighttime use. ATN's wide customer base includes law enforcement, hunters, outdoor adventurers, military and many others. You'll find smart HD optics such as rifle scopes, thermal scopes binoculars, thermal monoculars and rangefinders. Get equipped with a thermal imaging rifle scope, a monocular or binoculars. ATN has all your night vision needs met with a selection of top-rated, high-performing goggles, clip-on systems and multi-purpose systems. Use an ATN coupon to get a deal on your optics. Units that are equipped with the Obsidian 4 core with a dual processor have enhanced capabilities to process images at lightning-fast speeds while maintaining the highest quality of graphics. The ultra HD sensor and dual-core processor technology provide up to 10X magnification without losing resolution in the picture quality. State-of-the-art internal batteries used by ATN are designed to have exceptionally minimal power consumption, which means you'll get about 20 or more hours of use with most models. Most optical systems at ATN come standard with features such as wireless streaming capabilities, ballistic calculations, laser ranging, HD video recordings, image stabilization and other useful functions. Shop for the perfect accessory to get the most out of your optics, imaging or night vision system. ATN provides quick detach mounts, extended life battery kits for when you need a boost of power on the go, special lens add-ons in a range of magnification levels, hard storage cases, helmet mount kits, weapons mounts and ATN hats and shirts. Go with the most trusted name in the industry and save when you use an ATN coupon code to add a discount to your online shopping order.

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